How Loud Can You Roar?

lioness 2



Can you tell the difference between a lion and a lioness? Do you know what role each play in their wild habitat? If you don’t know, it is time to do a little research to find out. I bet you thought I was going to tell you….wrong! It’s fun and entertaining looking up information. I know because I do it all the time. The stuff you can find out is just amazing.
That’s how my book, “Kumani: A New Home for Her Cubs” came about. I had to do a little research, especially after watching a TV show on lions. That sparked my interest and my imagination. These wild beast are fascinating and so regal. You should look the information up. Meantime, why not pick up up the book about Kumani, she might even spark your imagination and interest to do the research. By the way, Kumani is a lioness, she is not the king of the jungle. In her mindset, she is the queen of the jungle and wants to be treated as such. She is tired of having to do all the work. If you do the research, you will find out what all a lioness is responsible for in the wild. However, this is a book of fiction so things are a bit exaggerated, after all the story comes from my imagination. Trust me, it is a delightful, fun and entertaining read for young readers. Come on, meet Kumani and her friend Bantu. Read about their encounters as they go about trying to find a place where Kumani can be treated like the queen that she is.
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So, how loud can you roar? Read and have fun with this book.


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