Self Publishing…My Story!


I’ve always been an independent type of gal, I like doing things myself and getting it done, especially since I am an impatient individual. I hate waiting, guessing, hoping and keeping my fingers crossed. When it comes to self-publishing, I eliminate all that.

However, it wasn’t always like that, for when I first started out in this literary world of published books, I went the traditional way because that’s all I knew and because that’s the way it was. I used to think that an author is not legit until their work has been accepted by a traditional publisher. So, when I had a few of my manuscripts accepted for publishing, I was on cloud 9, in 7th Heaven.

I’ve been published by New Line Press, Featherweight Publishing, and Writer’s Exchange Publishing. I even had a story published in an online magazine back in the day. It was simply amazing, leaving me with the feeling of having arrived and being accomplished. I was finally a real author with published books to show for it. It was a long time coming because after all, this writing adventure began when I was a teenager when I didn’t know crap from apple butter, sort of speaking. All I had was the desire and the ability to write because I had the thoughts and the dream.

I didn’t realize that I would be standing in a long line of people with manuscripts in their hands waiting to be seen by a publisher who would stamp accepted or rejected on individual manuscripts, and then be waiting for notices to come in the mail once they had been submitted.

That was murder to an up and coming author’s spirit. It was like walking around on pins and needles for months. It became a lot better and easier when they came up with online submissions. Now, I loved that, because it didn’t take as long to get a response back. I told you that I was impatient. That’s how I got involved with NLP, FW and WE.

However, it was NLP that got me to thinking about self-publishing. They took me under their wings and inspired me to step up into this new and modern world of being an independent publisher. After all, nowadays, everybody is doing it. I just had to get on the train and travel with it, and so I did. I had an excellent teacher, mentor, and friend in the publishing industry who gave me the heads up, the scoop and the details of doing it myself and moving forward into the twenty-first century of being a published author and an independent publisher.

If it wasn’t for Catherine Burr of New Line Press, I often ask myself, where would I be today without her email, Facebook, and Twitter messages. Yep, so inspiring and so encouraging; so much so, that since those days of traditional submitting and waiting to see if I was good enough; I have well over 20 published books for children, teens, and adults in novels, short stories, and series titles. So, I guess you can say that I know what I am doing, and I know how to do it for myself now. And guess what…I enjoy it! In other words and like I always say….loving what I do! When you love what you do, it’s not work!

Wanna know how I really feel about self-publishing? Let me say this…action speaks louder than words so I will show you.

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