Books 4 Young Adults

Looking for some great reading in young adult material,? I got them too, 2 novels to get a grip on. Like all of my books that I have blogged about today, the books come in two versions, paperbacks and eBooks or Nook-books. Take your pick. I personally prefer the paperbacks myself because I like feeling the pages between my fingers. Weird huh? Oh well, plus they look good on my bookshelf. Oh, I almost forgot, there’s another one too, though it is not a novel, but it is good reading, full of inspiration.

The novels I am referring to are the Ella Rose Saga books. Do you remember me talking about them? Well they have a new look too, Curb appeal in books. Let me show you.

Broken Voice print book on amazon Yeah!  When Silence is Not Golden Createspace BookCoverImage  Frankly Speaking B&N

teenage girl1

Books 4 Boys about Boys

What can I say, I write for our young boys too. Actually, I write for all ages and all nationalities. Because with my books, all youngsters and teenagers can relate and enjoy them. Let me show you.

boy blogging 1

Talez with Tails print cover for amazon  The Race is on Print cover for Amazon  Wohali  And guess what….I’m working on another one.

When it comes to books, there’s always something good going on. Great entertainment!

Boys blogging 3

Books 4 Girls about Girls

Sometimes, words just aren’t necessary, so I am just going to show you. After all, that’s what authors do…we show and not tell when we do use words.

Nyrobi Live on Amazon  Spring Where are you B&N   Jelly-Beanz B&N

Itchy Scratchy Spots 2  Ragdoll Talez with Aneesah   Flip through the pages of these books. Pick them up from Amazon and Barnes &Noble online store. Amazing stories for Amazing young girls.  little girl blogging 5

Keeping Track of the Books

Well now I am feeling satisfied!

As an author and self publisher, you go through so much with your books trying to get everything right, perfect and in tip top shape to put on display. I am persnickety when it comes to my books because I love what I do…they are my babies.

I love it when they show up on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles, which means the painstaking task has been accomplished. However, it makes me cringe, panic and stress out when the thumbnail images are not what I expected. Oops, there’s an error somewhere and now I have to wait 3-5 days for it to be corrected since it is not on my end. Things like this can happen when you are making updates to a book. Within the last 4 weeks, I’ve updated a lot of books, so I can understand the mix-up and confusion when an old cover still shows up.

My problem, I need to work on being patient and wait for the changes to appear. As of yesterday, an old cover was still on display which left me frowning, because it had been longer then 3-5 days since the change….I think. It feels like 3 weeks. When you are in the waiting mode, time gets away from you and you end up not really knowing how long your book change has been out there in left field, making you wonder…did somebody forget about posting the change? I need to come up with a better tracking system of my books when they are released and when they go through changes. I need to keep track of dates I guess, because that’s what is throwing me off as I keep track of everything.

Well, to make a long story short, I am not frowning today. The corrected version of “OMG! Ragdoll Talez” is finally showing up. It’s live and looking good. I was pressed because on this particular book, my daughter did the illustrations and her name as illustrator is on the cover of the book now. (Bless my long time friend’s heart, Catherine Burr of New Line Press for pointing that out to me.) This is why she is my mentor. I learn a lot from her in this publishing activity of mine. That’s why I went back and did an update on this particular book, taking it back through the publishing process. Painstaking, yes! But, very well worth it!!! All I can say is…You gotta do what you gotta do when you love what you do and when you are persnickety. Hum, that’s a good book title for a children’s book “Miss Persnickety.” Stop it Winona!

So, here it is, debuting today because it’s live on Amazon…”OMG! Ragdoll Talez”

Ragdoll Talez with Aneesah

The OMG! Book Collection is now complete!

Talez with Tails print cover for amazon  More Readz for me print for amazon  Ragdoll Talez with Aneesah

Short and Sweet

Short, sweet and yet here’s another book treat. It seems that when I disappear from blogging for a while,  I am up to something. Well the something that was up my sleeve is now live on Amazon. (clap clap!)

Are you ready for it, ready or not here it is……..Nyrobi Live on Amazon

Yes, I have a new book that is sure to delight young readers everywhere. Print and ebook versions. Now isn’t this nice to know?

The Spring Look In Paperback Books

springtime 6 In 2 more days, guess what….spring will be here. I am seriously shouting WHOOPEE!. It has been a long time coming and I am so ready for it. Springtime brings about new beginnings and fresh new looks begin to sprout up, making their debut.

Spring has come to Sugarberry Books too.  2 New titles are coming and new covers have been created, adding a fresh new look for the season. I am about to show them off because for me, it’s exciting. What’s live on Amazon this coming spring? Take a look! Buy a paperback book! Great reading for all ages.

 When Silence is Not Golden Createspace BookCoverImageKumani print cover for amazon  Broken Voice print book on amazon Yeah!

AlongcameJelly-Beanz createspace BookCoverImageSpring where are you Createspace.BookCoverImageMy Happy New Home CreateSpace BookCoverImage

Talez with Tails print cover for amazon The Race is on Print cover for Amazon More Readz for me print for amazon

Book Arrival, Oh Yeah!

Not too long ago, I ordered my copies of the updated books I did. I must say, I am loving how the paperback books came out. They look so awesome. I know children and young adult readers will enjoy turning the real pages of these print books. I am quite happy with the results. I have two more packages coming in and can’t wait to show them off. But, I can show you what arrived today. So here is a sneak preview of what will be on Amazon and Barnes & Noble pretty soon. As a matter of fact, some of these paperback books are already live at these online bookstores. All I can say is that when I opened up that box, I had a huge smile on my face. I love what I do! 3 in a row 13 in a row 2 I’m not good at taking photos, but they still look good to me. Two novels for teens and 4 children books. Turn the pages and enjoy. These book will look good sitting on a bookshelf. Good for book reports too.  Books for homeschooling, Bedtime stories, weekend reading, I’m bored syndromes, circle time entertainment, those precious moments when you want to read to youngsters…..these titles will do the trick. Great stories behind these great looking covers. Pump it up with these books.