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My main thing in life is writing. I practice it everyday. Sometimes I blog, some times I tweet, sometimes I just like to sit and post stuff on Facebook, but all in all, I am still writing or typing something.

I started out writing articles as a freelancer and I even jumped into doing my own little thing as an entrepreneur, where I operate or run my own little online freelance writing and editing business called Dream Writers’ Essentials.

But, the biggest thrill of all for me is becoming an author of books for children and young adults. I write fiction and short stories. I am not patient enough to sit and write a novel…..too many pages to fill. But who knows, one day I just might do that for you can never underestimate a writer who has a purpose and a vision. Update: I have written two teen never say never.

By the way, I have seven published books and two  more story ideas were recently sent to a publisher for review. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the get accepted. This is the hard part of being an author/writer, waiting to see if your manuscript will be accepted; sometimes that can take months, which shows a writer must be patient when on this chosen career path. That’s why you do other things to occupy your mind while you wait, or you can work on a new story idea if you get too fidgety; anything to keep your fingers on the keyboard, or a pencil in your hand. Just like right now, I am busy writing as I update this website, that I plum forgot about. This page totally slipped my mind. To that, all I can say is….shame on me! Better late than never is what I always say. Well, at least it will be done today. Update: Time sure does fly by fast, because I no longer have 7 published books, but 14. I’ve been busy the last year or so.

So, with that said, let me move on. Let me give you the titles of my books. That would be a big help when you go shopping on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble; keeping in mind that my books come in paperback form and as ebooks for all you Kindle lovers. So here is an updated list of titles that are waiting for you at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Books A Million and the Apple iTunes Store.
Broken Voices
When Silence is Not Golden
Frankly Speaking
Itchy Scratchy Spots,
Kumani: A New Home for Her Cubs
The Race is On!
Spring Where Are You?
My Happy New Home
Wohali and the Little People
Along Came Jelly-Beanz
OMG! Ragdoll Talez
OMG!Talez with Tailz
OMG! More Readz for Me

My books prove that I love what I do and I hope you do too. So pick up a book today by author Winona Rasheed.