Keeping My Fingers Crossed



Okay, here’s an update on my iTunes journey and my book travels. I spent all afternoon studying and figuring this and that all out. I even managed to change the sizes of 6 books in my attempt of getting them ready for the iTunes journey. This means I have 8 more to change.

I managed, after a few stumbling blocks to get one book ready for the Apple store, which is being distributed through allromance/omnilit. My new 1400 wide x2100 tall cover image submitted along with the epub file. I had to convert the pdf file for that. I ended up downloading Calibre to my computer, thinking that’s how I will do my file conversions. However, that was a tad bit confusing. So I ended up using an online-file converter site, which proved to be easier. At least the file seems to working.

Anyway, I went ahead and uploaded these two new files to my Omnilit book page, and lo and behold, right by my title that I was working on it says……ready for distribution to iTunes. Before, that iTunes category had nothing in it. It even gives the date that the book is showing as ready for distribution, which is today, April 20th. So far, so good wouldn’t you say?

Well, not so fast, because it will take 24 hours or so for the book to hop on over to iTunes, after they review everything, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that they give me the green light. If they do……I will proceed to the next title and get it ready.

So, how do you like this update, are you following and keeping up with me.

See what you have to do when you become a digital author?

My iTunes Blues


thinking woman 3  Monday morning and the wheels that were spinning around in my head has suddenly stopped. I was about to push forward with this book thing, continuing on over to iTunes to get my titles there; after all, everyone is into electronic devices these days. Read anything, anywhere.

As it is turning out, getting my titles distributed to this particular spot isn’t going to be a snap. After reading all the guidelines and how toos, it’s like creating a brand new book from scratch.

I just read a 42 page instruction how-to booklet on the subject matter and it blew my mind. Changing already done files into epub files and then creating different covers to match their jpeg requirements of 1400 widex2100 tall. To me, that’s a lot of work to make another ebook go live for pennies on a dollar. Plus, I don’t know what I am doing, which will make the task even more difficult and time consuming. This project does not sound like it will be a piece of cake. One thing for sure, if I decide to tackle this, I will be working on one title at a time until all 14 books are in the iTunes library. 14 titles might take 14 months to complete. LOL, they will be ready for 2016. So wish me luck on this adventure…..if I decide to do it. Do you think I will tackle this job? Which title do you think I might work on first? Which one would you like to see on iTunes first? You might want to follow me to see how this is going because I will be giving updates….once I get started. Follow my journey and take notes.

Meantime, all you book lovers out there will just have to be satisfied purchasing my electronic books for children, tweens and others  by way of Kindle, Nook, and Omnilit, which I think is a very good idea. At least you have  3 options….until the 4th comes into play.

The Sunday Flow


103269-Hello-Kitty-SundayHere’s my Sunday flow….I’ve been thinking and trying to get things together in my head as I go about planning the next step for my books. You know how it is with me, always a book thing going on. What can I say, after all, they are my babies, a reflection of me.

I am so excited that my books have another avenue to make their rounds on as they get exposed to new readers; Amazon, Barnes &Noble and now Omnilit. Digital express going on and I am loving that option. The next stop is iBooks. As a matter of fact, I’ve started working on this today since after reading all the important  publisher information, I will be letting that distribution be done through since I am registered there.

The first thing I have to do is to make sure my Omnilit prices match my Kindle prices, so changes will be coming there soon. I say soon because I changed the prices of my Kindle books today. Nothing over four dollars. As a matter of fact, 2.99 is the deal on kids e-books. 3.00- 3.99 is the deal for my young adult novel e-reads. That sounds fair, don’t you think? I’m not touching the pricing on the paperback versions. As soon as the price change is reflected in the Kindle store, then I will proceed to change things on Omnilit….again. Yeah, I updated already today, because when I started uploading covers and interior files, for my books new home; I made a mistake of pricing the ebooks as if they were paperbacks. Glad I discovered that error before it was too late.

Yep, this is a learning process for me. It’s a good thing I love what I do because it can get to be a tad bit challenging.  So that’s how I am flowing and keeping track of all these goings on. One step at a time because it would be so easy for me to get all tangled up in this publishing web. I have the pending changes all jotted down in my handy little notebook for reference. By the time I reach the age of 80, my publishing adventures will be a piece of cake! What do you think?

ekinds-icons I’m a digital author too. I love having options.

OMNILIT in the House


omniliticon_400x400 Thanks to my good friend and mentor, Catherine Burr of New Line Press, I just discovered something new and exciting….a new place for my books to be seen, which means NEW READERS!

I think that is pretty darn cool. It is always nice when an author’s books have new avenues to experience. I got started on this yesterday, Friday evening to be exact, after waiting a few days to be accepted as a writer/publisher. So I am happy to announce that besides Amazon, Barnes & Noble; you can now purchase my books at Omnilit. I’m just have to pass the word around and I hope you do too. I’m working on adding all of my books there, but for now….4 are listed. That’s a good start. I am very pleased.

See for yourself. Pick up a book today.

See ya on OmniLit.

All Aboard Young Readers!

theme-park-466652_640 pixabay

train-308471_640 pixabayAll aboard the Sugarberry Cyberspace Train and lets take a virtual book ride. Only kids who love to read are allowed on this train. Destination…wherever you want to go. The only requirement….you must have an imagination when you ride this rail and you must be back by midnight, or you will turn into a frog say conductor, Author Winona Rasheed.

On this Sugarberry train are plenty of book titles to choose from, you must pick one. However, the more titles you read, the further you can go on your virtual train ride, because reading is what makes this train run on its tracks, going here and there and just everywhere that you can imagine.

So, are you ready to take a trip to Wonderland? Maybe you want to go to Animalville or stop to see an automobile race. Whatever your fancy, you can visit these places when you read a Sugarberry book on the Sugaberry Cyberspace Train.

We will be leaving the station in a few minutes; so hurry, grab a title,take a seat and lets read. Lets make this train move! First stop….Amazon and Barnes & Noble online book store to pick up reading supplies. Enjoy your ride! Enjoy your book!

Spring Where are you Kindle Amzon  Kumani ebook on Amazon  Happy Home Kindle AmazonJelly-Beanz B&N  Talez with Tails print cover for amazon More Readz for me print for amazon The Race is on Print cover for Amazon  Ragdoll talez print cover for Amazon Nyrobi_Cover_for_Kindle

Images courtesy of Pixabay free images.