Chillin’with Me

Enjoy and Relax

Sitting here thinking and guess what I just thought of to add, a little something, something that I bet you didn’t know about me.  I love old movies. Here’s a list of some of my favorites movies. projector-64149_640Scarface,  Godfather, Good Fellas, Gone with the Wind, Imitation of Life, Casino, The Wizard of Oz, The African Queen, The Hustler and La Bamba.

I do not like scary movies, so I stay away from them. “Blackula” scared the wits out of me.

My old favorites, I can watch them again and again. What’re your favorite movies?



Adorable little faces. Now this will make you smile.

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Can you name these familiar faces from back in the day? How many did you miss?

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Stop and Smell The Roses.

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