My Introduction


When I am sitting at my desk, you can believe I am up to something or working on something. My mind is a playground of inspiration and creativity, and with a cup of coffee at my side, I just go crazy….creating books, queen of fictional inspiration. That’s me, Winona Rasheed.

As a matter of fact, I am an entrepreneur, doing my own little thing. I am the mastermind behind “Nona’s Sugarberry Pages” my independent, self-publishing Business. Doing it all, creating my books myself, one page at a time. Do you want to know why I do this? Because…I love what I do, and the books stand behind me too.

NSP, that’s all me! Check out my sista website, the

NSP Website

You will love it there!  “Nona’s Sugarberry Pages”



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A Taste of Savvy

A Taste of NSP