Random Things That Make Me Wanna Holler


  • Well, since you already know that writing and creating books make me happy and feel super good about myself, let me tell you what ticks me off and puts a frown on my face.  I hate waiting and procrastination. When I start a project, it upsets me when I run into stumbling blocks that give me a headache and threatens to shut the project down. However, it is hard for me to give up, so shutting down a project will never happen.
  • I dislike distractions when they interfere with concentration and productivity.
  • I hate being late for anything, or being the last one to show up….that’s not me! Punctuality is a friend of mine. 🙂
  • I can’t stand it when there is no organization and I hate clutter.
  • I don’t like prejudice individuals and I hate the N word.
  • Politics is evil and so is the nightly news! You really have to decipher what you listen to these days. Do your own research on topics to get to the truth.
  • I hate being surrounded by negativity.
  • I hate it when people have to suffer so much at the hands of others.
  • I do not like negative thoughts. I try to stay on a positive note.
  • Okay, I am going to say it…I hate the Winter season.
  • I hate that my children and grandchildren are scattered here and there, which brings me to say this…I hate DC. It’s not my favorite place to be, even though I live here.
  • Cats irk me…when there is more than one.
  • Just encountered something else that ticks me off…when someone that I don’t know writes negative, bone-chilling, stuff on my FB wall, showing their true colors. Stay off my wall because your comments are not welcome, JERK!!!
  • I hate rap music and anything that degrades women and human beings
  • I dislike politics…okay, I think politicians are a bunch of liars, well maybe not all.

Oh my, the list keeps growing, but I will stop. What are your pet peeves?