The Cat’s Meow


Well, I give up! Our big kitty is a mess and a half. She was following my husband all around the house this morning and getting very excited when he walked toward the front or back door. Needless to say, the cat was being playfully teased because she was ready to venture outside. But you know me, I didn’t want her to go outside. Guess who won. It wasn’t me. So I go get this pretty pink leash that I had bought for her and decided to fasten her to the chair on the front porch. I was not in the mood to go chasing after a rumbustious kitty. I thought I was being smart……wrong! I walked away and when I came back about 15 minutes later to check on her, the leash was on the porch and the cat was gone. Dang, she took it off! Can you believe that? Well, it happened.
She likes going under the flower bush in the front yard and that’s where she went. She would not come out either when I called her. So I go get the man of the house; she came out when she saw my husband. Go figure! When my husband disappeared to go around the back, she tried to follow him. I tried to catch her then since she was out in the open. Let me tell you….Kitty is fast on her paws. She is much quicker than me; you should have seen her darting out of my reach. I finally gave up when she went back under the bush…way under and out of sight. I guess she says it is too nice of a day to be in the house and I’m not coming back in until I get ready…. or until my husband gets her. I’m just going to leave her alone. That’s why I am on this blog before 12 o’clock noon. Maybe she will want back in when she gets hungry.
Yeah me….guess what, kitty was at the door wanting back in after her little front yard rendezvous. I wonder what frightened her out there. Yep, the world must look pretty big and scary outside the walls of this house. She is now chillin’ on the comfort of our bed, safe from whatever made her ready to come back in. Cats, you gotta love em!

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