A New Home for Her Cubs: Children’s Book

April’s Fool day and here I sit, blogging my heart out today. However, I do believe this is going to be my last one for the day…maybe.

I was just sitting here thinking, I am always talking about Broken Voices. Well why not, after all it does seem to be a very popular book, of which I am grateful. But that is not the only book title that I have as an author. With the publishing of “Bittersweet Dayz,” I now have 11 published books that I am pleased to announce. Out of 11 books, guess what…3 of these titles are published by New Line Press. These titles are Broken Voices, Bittersweet Dayz and sitting on the sideline is “A New Home for Her Cubs.” New Line Press has published two books by me for young adult reading and one title that is geared for younger readers from the ages of 9-12, A New Home for Her Cubs is that such book.

When you turn the pages of this book, you will be taken to the heart of Africa; traveling with Kumani, who is not your typical lioness as she tries to find better living conditions for herself and her cubs while she leaves behind her natural environment. Her friend, Bantu, the taking parrot helps her to find this idealistic place; but finding such a place proves to be difficult and quite dangerous when Kumani leaves her pride.

I am going to stop right there before I tell you the entire story. As the author, I do not want to do that, I just wanted to stir up your curiosity…did it work? Does it sound like something you would want your young folks to read? This book is a must have. It’s fun, imaginative and educational too. In my mind, I can see this story as a Disney children’s/family movie, like that of the “Lion King”. So, if you enjoyed that movie, you will certainly enjoy this book.

Like all of New Line Press books, you can get this one as an eBook for Kindle as well as order it in a paperback. This also sells on Barnes and Noble too…Nook and print versions. So come on, get your read on!



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