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The Heat Is On with Children Books! July 25, 2014

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The Heat Is On with Children Books!.


Beating the Odds July 24, 2014

hearing impaired logo 1

The five senses: tasting, smelling, touching, seeing and hearing.
Can you imagine what life would be like for an individual if any one of these senses was not in good working order as it should be? How would you feel and get along in life if you couldn’t hear the sounds around you, or the voices of your family and friends? Would communication come to a dead halt for you and your life become hopeless? How would this problem affect your daily life, especially as an impressionable teenager? Would you try to keep it a secret and hide it from your peers? How would you “fit in” and feel “normal” in a hearing world?

These two books listed takes you into the world of the deaf and hearing impaired and from the viewpoint of Ella Rose Abbott, a teenager living with a disability and fighting and beating the odds of her situation.

Two stories that deal with reality in today’s society. The Ella Rose Saga in two books, because you can’t read just one. Broken Voices & When Silence is Not Golden

Broken Voices PrintBook Cover Image

When Silence Is Not Golden BookCoverImage


The Heat Is On with Children Books!

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book buzz 2

Do you have the reading fever because the summer heat is on? Stay cool, inspired and entertained with these titles, because cool kids enjoy reading good books everyday.
What’s on your Kindle and Nook? What titles are sitting on your bookshelves feeling neglected? I hope they aren’t sitting there collecting dust bunnies and goosebumps.
Take a big splash and dive into a good book today. Enjoy these titles too by Author Winona Rasheed; books for young readers 6-9 @

Spring Where are You?
Along Came Jelly-Beanz
Kumani “A New Home for Her Cubs”

Kumani print BookCoverImage



The NLP Story: in Catherine’s words July 22, 2014

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Originally posted on New Line Press:

nlp banner may 2012ab355-publisherBy Catherine Burr

I have never told this story before, and it is a bit of a long post, so you may want to read it a bit at a time.

New Line Press this year celebrated our 10th anniversary and I have thought a great deal about the reflection upon these ten years. I wanted to write here an overview, though I wish I could write more, but truly, that would take an entire book.

This basically is how NLP came to be and some of my thoughts over the years as a publisher. I’m writing this two-fold, one because after ten years, it seems like a good a time as any, to reflect on our origins and path, and two, because if I could help even one potential author or person who would like to open or start a publishing company, then, I hope to encourage them with my experience.

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Every Author Needs a Website…I Have Mine. July 18, 2014

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My writers profile 1

Come take a look.


Kumani is on Sale @ Amazon July 17, 2014

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Originally posted on Sugarberry Books for Kids Tweens and Teens:

Book sale

The eBook sales continue today on Amazon. Books by author Winona Rasheed, who has reading material for all ages, teens-tweens and youngsters.

Travel to Africa in this little book and join Kumani, the lioness on her adventure as she tries to better her life and find a new home. Kumani is not your typical lioness because she believes she is a queen and should live in royalty with her cubs. Ahh, the struggles of being a parent, even in the wild kingdom.

Kumani print BookCoverImage
On sale today in the Kindle Store for .99 cents.

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Another Book Sale Day

book sale 3

Guess what is on sale today @ Amazon. I am happy to announce that two of my all time favorite eBooks for teens are on sale. Yes indeed, the price has been cut way down to almost a steal. I am talking about Broken Voices and When Silence is Not Golden; the sister books as I call them, because you have to read both to get the full picture of the Ella Rose saga. Watch her grow, overcome and defeat her physical problem as well as her enemies. So get your Kindles or other electronic gadgets out and pick up these titles. The eBooks are selling for $1.99
Broken Voices PrintBook Cover Image
When Silence Is Not Golden BookCoverImage


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