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Black Friday Hint November 23, 2014

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Originally posted on New Line Press:


Watch for details. New Line Press Sale. Black Friday.

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A Great Review of “Broken Voices”

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A Great Review of "Broken Voices".


A Great Review of “Broken Voices” November 12, 2014

Another Sugarberry Book I just wanted to share with you a review that was given in regards to this book. I love it when people purchase a copy of one of my books and then talks about it. It is so encouraging. I’m happy that people are buying and reading the stories that I have written. All I can say is….Bless your hearts and thank you very much. Keep on reading and reviewing them. I appreciate it because reviews are beneficial in the sell of books.

If you have read Broken Voices, I hope you read the sister book too. Ella Rose continues in book # 2….When Silence Is Not Golden. Don’t forget to leave an Amazon review.

When Silence is Not Golden....New One use

I love it when customers leave a review!

“Broken Voices follows Ella, a young deaf girl, on her first day at a new high-school. Surrounded by unfamiliar faces, Ella will face her fears of what people will think of her and how she will be treated by her piers. She decides she must attempt to keep her impaired hearing a secret so she can make it through her first day.

This book is compelling and thought-provoking. The story accurately and realistically describes many situations that might confront a deaf person. One of the main points of this book is that we should be ourselves, even if it is sometimes difficult.

This book is well written and the author handles the different methods of communication gracefully and convincingly. I would recommend this book to those with disabilities and anybody who has compassion for those who have different challenges.”


Once a writer, always a writer? November 9, 2014

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Originally posted on Catherine Burr:

OldWomanAndComputerJokeI bet people probably frequently ask you if you’re writing a new book (I say this because if you’re reading this, you’re probably a writer), what you’re writing, when your next book will come out. Right?

My question is this, “Once a writer, always a writer?”

In 1996, my first book was published. That was 18 years ago! My most recent book came out 2 years ago. Total, I’ve had something like 14 books published, written a year’s worth of columns for The Celebrity, and published 120 books through NLP. That’s a lot of words.

But what I want to know is this, at what point does a writer stop writing?

Once a writer, always a writer?

People ask me all the time if I’m writing a new book, when it’s coming out, what I’m writing. They want details! And, I just shrug and say, “I’m working on it.”…

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Tips before you indie-publish November 7, 2014

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Tips before you indie-publish.

Be in the know with Catherine Burr’s tips!


Friday is here and So Am I!

Brisk Fall Day My lands, my lands; this sure is a brisk fall day and it happens to be Friday too. When it starts to get cold, I tend to start hibernating because I can not stand it. I’m so spoiled for spring and summer. We have the fireplace running and I am sitting here with a sweatshirt and a sweater on. Now is that a little much or what? Well, not for me.

When it is chilly like this, there’s nothing else to do but stay inside and write or promote. I’m doing both right now. I’d rather be in here then outside trying to rake up leaves since it is so windy.

This is what the wind blew in today: It stirred up my creativity.

3 Books for young readersMore books for young readers

Triple Play short story booksYoung Adult Books

Itchy Scratchy Spots 2 Playing around with PicMonkey apps as I promote my books. Did you count them?….I have written 12 books so far and working on two more. Books for all ages. There’s even two picture books listed here and two Young Adult novels. With winter right around the corner, I have a feeling that I will be getting a lot of writing done as I try to stay warm. Maybe  I should move to California…what do you think?

Enjoy the week end and thanks for reading my little post.


Sugarberry Bookshelf…Ya Gotta Love It! November 2, 2014

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Originally posted on Sugarberry Books for Kids Tweens and Teens:

On the Shelf 2 On the Bookshelf. Now here is an interesting idea for readers of all ages. A book Tree.

What’s on your bookshelf? Well guess what, Sugarberry Books for children and teens has a book tree too with lots of titles on it. There’s something for everyone, even books of short stories that are geared to inspire as well as entertain. Do you have these titles on your Bookshelf?

Another Sugarberry BookWhen Silence is Not Golden....New One useWohaliKumani_Cover_for_KindleItchy Scratchy Spots 2My_Happy_New_Home_Cover_for_Kindle  email smallAnother SugarberrySpring where are youThe Race Is ONThe OMG! Books collage by pizap small.

What are you reading at the moment? Curious Minds Would Like To Know.

On the shelf 4

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