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Doing My Thing Still October 31, 2014

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Me writing

Well, as you can still see, I am still finding a way to write a little bit even though my computer is gone. Thank goodness I am not trying to one finger type on my tablet like I did yesterday when I wanted to write. No today, I just went ahead and put WordPress on my son’s laptop….he won’t mind because I have the greatest son in this whole wide world. He knows what I do. To tell you the truth, I just go out of my mind when I can’t write and post.

This morning I got up with thoughts stirring all around in my head about the book I am working on, which is still sitting on the old hard drive collecting dust on my broke down computer. (The thing refuses to come on) Anyway, the writing bug struck me over my morning coffee, so what do I do, pull out my favorite yellow writing tablet and then I got busy….handwriting instead of typing. Well, (sounding like Samantha on Bewitched) I gotta do what I gotta do, even though I plan to get a new computer this weekend. Considering that I didn’t want to wait any longer to write something, I decided to just go ahead and hand write it out. I have a continuing draft to deal with when I get  another computer up and running. I am prepared for the transfer of files so I will be moving right along, without missing a beat or a step. With this draft, I made it to chapter 2, so I am feeling accomplished on this Halloween day with no files and no computer. Perhaps I need a backup typewriter for days like this….it’s just a thought.

But guess what, while looking through my yellow writing tablet of drafts, notes and what-nots, I found another story just sitting there waiting for me to come back to it….so I gave it a little attention too. I added more content to that storyline as well, bringing it to a chapter 2. I never thought I would ever work on two stories at one time….but I did. So I say….NEVER SAY NEVER!!!! You are bound to prove yourself wrong….I just did.

The two stories that I am working on are for teens and preteens. That’s all I am going to say about them….I’m going to make you sweat and wonder what kind of story lines are inside the pages of the books. I will say this…..the reader will keep turning the pages.

Now I can relax and stop worrying so much, even if it is just for a day or two. I can concentrate on other things, like dishes in my sink. Now doesn’t that sound entertaining?

I love writing and creating books for children, preteens and teens. That’s what I am all about. Even if and when I have to go clear around the block to get to where I am going with it. Loving what you do lets you climb mountains and over hurdles.

I love writing 1Author Winona Rasheed in the house!



When Something Goes Wrong October 30, 2014

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What can i say, crap does happen and you just have to deal with, take the bitter with the sweet. Crap happened to me yesterday and I am about to tell you about it. So have a drink and take a seat, because this might take  awhile.
My computer conked out  on me. Gone are my files and every important piece of work that I own; including the new book that I was working on….I had written 17 pages. Although everything was saved to my harddrive, I should have saved it  elsewhere too for backup. I had intended to do that, but did’t. Shame on me!  Now I need a new computer  and I need to take the harddrive somewhere to have my files extracted. I hope it can be done. I learned my lesson with this….always back up your stuff.
Now I am on my son’s laptop. Not the same as having my own, though i am happy that I have access to the internet, but I can’t work. A writer needs to work on a computer.  My lifeline is gone.
Right now I am using WP on my 7 inch tablet, typing with one finger, so excuse the mistakes. But i just had to find away to blog…..this writer/author is miserable.
Yes crap happens and i do not like it when it messes with my writing spirit. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon, i don’t want to go crazy up in here. Guess you can say that I am addicted  to the desktop computer. I really am.  Can’t write a book on the tablet with one finger. It is hard enough to blog with one finger. How in the world do people text and drive in something smaller than a tablet? That would drive me nuts.
Okay, i am done venting. Be back when i have a new computer. Let’s
See how long this will take.




Wondering how on Earth to get people to follow your blog? October 28, 2014

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author winona:

Another worthy share if you want to be in the know.

Originally posted on Dream, Play, Write!:

Timothy PikeIf you’re serious about your writing, and would like to promote your book to your WordPress followers once it’s published, you’ll need more followers for your blog! I can help you get your blog all set up complete with a mailing list to attract and engage followers through one-on-one coaching. Learn more here

As for gaining followers, keep in mind:

Be proactive. Just creating a blog and updating it frequently is not enough. You have to be proactive in bringing people to your blog to show them how great it is. I can help you with this!

Your content doesn’t suck. Just because you don’t have very many followers doesn’t mean your blog is bad. More than likely, people just don’t know about it yet. Remember, just because it’s on WordPress doesn’t mean everyone automatically knows your blog exists.

You need to keep your followers engaged. Once you’ve got…

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Ding! You’ve got a follower. Ding! Again?

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Originally posted on Dream, Play, Write!:

Ding! Another blog follower appears in your inbox. You walk to the kitchen to pour a glass of iced tea. A faint ding! from the living room signals someone else just liked your latest post.

You walk back to your computer and set down your glass?two more followers.

Wow, you think. People really love my blog all of a sudden. Why is that?

But it’s not mysterious at all, and in fact, you’re not even writing anything different. You’ve simply learned some of the tips and tricks for attracting followers and figured out how to let people know that your blog exists.

It’s possible, and I know it is because the scene I just described is a pretty routine one for me. It gets to the point where I think about turning off the WordPress e-mail notifications, but then decide, nah, I love these dings too much. Besides, it’s exciting…

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Happy Books for Young Readers October 24, 2014

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Originally posted on Sugarberry Books for Kids Tweens and Teens:


Do you need a good book to put a smile on your face or chase the blues away? Perhaps you need a good story to help you fall asleep at night. Just maybe, you are waiting for someone to read to you. Whatever your little heart is desires, these titles will sure enough put a smile on your face and capture your heart when it comes to reading.

The OMG! Books collage by pizap small.
The OMG! Collection are books with multiple stories to read, books full of fairy tales and make-believe.
Another Sugarberry
In this book, Jelly-Beanz is a mischievous little character that somehow manages to cause trouble.
Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles can pick these titles up @


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The Products of a Little Imagination

See what can happen when you put your imagination to work? Your creativity takes wings and begin to fly, manifesting itself. In my case as a writer/author of books for children and teens, my imagination is always in work mode, playing around with different characters, ideas and situations. I envision it and then I sit down and write it; with everything beginning from scratch. Creating a beginning, middle and an end; steps taking me through draft after draft as my imagination comes to life in the form of written paragraphs, scenes, dialogue and letting my characters show themselves.
Drafts and edits are the name of the game, you have to make it perfect and concise because you representing the literary world while your book represents you…the author. So I say, when writing…Give it your all! Don’t skip a beat!
For me, this is what it all about. I love it! I love writing! I love being creative! But most of all, I love sprinkling bits and pieces of me all around in the form of books that entertain, inspire and amuse. This will be my legend because it has always been my dream.
*******************Keep Turning the Pages Book Lovers!*******************

Kicking off the imagination for 7-10 year olds: Wohali and the little People, Itching Scratching Spots and Kumani: A New Home for Her Cubs
Itchy Scratchy Spots 2

Books that inspire teens and young adults readers: Broken Voices & When Silence is Not Golden

Another Sugarberry Book

Another Sugarberry Book

When Silence is Not Golden....New One use

Books sold at
Keep Turning the Pages Book Lovers!


Triple Play: Books for Young Readers October 21, 2014

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Triple Play: Books for Young Readers.



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