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My Imaginaqtion Overflows….. August 22, 2014

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figment of my imagination 6.

And my cup runs over with creativity and books for teens and young readers. Check out these covers and titles Make a books splash today. What’s in your Kindle Library?

Broken_Voices_Cover_for_KindleKumani_Cover_for_KindleWhen Silence is not golden, ebook cover 2Itchy_and_Me_originalAlong Came Jelly-Beanz thumbnailThe OMG! Books collage by pizap small.Wohalime 1


Figments of My Author Imagination

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figment of my imagination 5

Sitting here thinking about the characters that I have created over the years. So I decided to make a list of them.
Ella Rose Abbott
Kumani and Bantu
Rudy and Lucky Martin
SlowPoke and Speedy
Rusty, Dusty and Jake
Farmer Jones and King Thomas
Buster Brown Bear and Friends
Kal and Kallie
Macklefee, Eunice and the Wizard
Josie, Leslie and the Genie
Trenton and Jasmine
Lizzie, Sarah-Jean and Jellybeanz

Just to name a few of my inspiring characters; a mixture of people, furry and feathered creatures and mystical beings to highlight a well told story for readers. Each one of these character names is associated to a story behind the pages of a book that I have written. Since I have talked about my books so often, I wonder… can you match the names with the book title? Do you know my titles? Go to and find out.


Books for Kids and Teens August 21, 2014

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Reading, Science, Math, Biology, History, Geography; text books to get your smarts on when going back to school for the new year. Something tells me there is going to be a lot of testings and studying going on. And if I know kids like I know kids; a lot of cramming will be taking place too as you obtain those high grades. Yeah, I know you are going to do your best this year and you are going to excel in all you do. But wait, don’t forget to water your imagination with some good books to read on the side when you aren’t studying. Even if you can only find time to read a good book on the weekends or those days when there is no school for one reason or another.
Author Winona Rasheed has books for all ages, from kids to teens and stories that will strike your fancy. Single books or if you are partial to books with multiple stories, she has created a few of those too. Check her out on when you want a good fiction book that is age appropriate. Perhaps you and your parents will explore her titles together. You can purchase titles in e-book format or print. And guess what… her e-book titles are on sell. What a deal, what a deal for back to school. Come on, let’s take a peek at her covers and titles.

The OMG! Books collage by pizap small.


Along Came Jelly-Beanz thumbnail




When Silence is not golden, ebook cover 2


Back to School

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Back to Scool 1

Oh yeah, the time has arrived. I know if you are a student, you are probably thinking that summer vacation went by too fast. It was here one minute and gone the next. I feel you on that. I remember when school back in the day did not start until after Labor Day. However, that was a long time ago. Things change, which means we suck it up and roll with the punches.
A lot of you are rearing to go with a new school year. The first day, the first week is always exciting. A lot of you may even be starting the new school year out by attending a new school, which means having new friends. I know quite a few students attending a new school and in a new area…in another state. These students are my grandchildren. However, I believe they are going to have a fantastic time. It will be the best experience of a lifetime and memories that they will carry on into their adulthood. One grandchild is even graduating from a new school in a new state. Yep, she is a senior this year. I know she will cope and adjust with a smile on her face as will the others. I am wishing them and every other student going back to school to have a fabulous school year. Live, learn, experience and be happy. And when you aren’t reading and studying those texts books, don’t forget to do a little pleasure reading on the side. Yeah, you just got to make time to do it. Make it happen with e-books and print books that strike your imagination.

Words from Author Winona Rasheed

back to school 4


The Heat Is On with Children Books! July 25, 2014

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The Heat Is On with Children Books!.


Beating the Odds July 24, 2014

hearing impaired logo 1

The five senses: tasting, smelling, touching, seeing and hearing.
Can you imagine what life would be like for an individual if any one of these senses was not in good working order as it should be? How would you feel and get along in life if you couldn’t hear the sounds around you, or the voices of your family and friends? Would communication come to a dead halt for you and your life become hopeless? How would this problem affect your daily life, especially as an impressionable teenager? Would you try to keep it a secret and hide it from your peers? How would you “fit in” and feel “normal” in a hearing world?

These two books listed takes you into the world of the deaf and hearing impaired and from the viewpoint of Ella Rose Abbott, a teenager living with a disability and fighting and beating the odds of her situation.

Two stories that deal with reality in today’s society. The Ella Rose Saga in two books, because you can’t read just one. Broken Voices & When Silence is Not Golden

Broken Voices PrintBook Cover Image

When Silence Is Not Golden BookCoverImage


The Heat Is On with Children Books!

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book buzz 2

Do you have the reading fever because the summer heat is on? Stay cool, inspired and entertained with these titles, because cool kids enjoy reading good books everyday.
What’s on your Kindle and Nook? What titles are sitting on your bookshelves feeling neglected? I hope they aren’t sitting there collecting dust bunnies and goosebumps.
Take a big splash and dive into a good book today. Enjoy these titles too by Author Winona Rasheed; books for young readers 6-9 @

Spring Where are You?
Along Came Jelly-Beanz
Kumani “A New Home for Her Cubs”

Kumani print BookCoverImage



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