Monday’s Jingles and Vibes


Hey Y’all, hope all is well with you and your summer is going great. Are you enjoying the heatwave? I personally am enjoying it. It is my type of season.

Well, I did it again, went missing in action for a while. I just couldn’t get motivated to do anything constructive, like writing or blogging or doing any author/book promoting. But here I am, getting back in the saddle and doing a little something, something to show that I and NSP Publications is still alive and around. I am about to get busy up in here because I have two unfinished manuscripts sitting on my desktop. They aren’t even halfway to the finish line. Maybe I will have them completed before the leaves start to turn brown and yellow and the temperature changes. We will see.

Meantime…here’s a happy little reminder to read a good book or two during these…

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