I’m Dreaming of Summer Days

FYI: Just in case you didn’t know, let me tell you. Summertime puts a big smile on my face every time, all because I love the sunshine and the heat. I love having doors and windows open and you get a chance to enjoy the great outdoors and by June, everything is usually green and flowers blooming everywhere. There is a lot of summertime activities taking place too, from vacations to family reunions.

I enjoy flower gardens, inviting front porches, and backyard cookouts. picknicks, country fairs and I do like feeling the sand in between my toes on a beach. I enjoy amusement parks and the 4th of July…all because it is hot. However, it seems that winter or cold, damp and weary weather is having a hard time disappearing around here. It is hanging on like a tick on a dog, very weary in the month of April. I wonder, does it plan to snow in May? Just asking, these days anything can happen and I wouldn’t be surprised if it does.

So here I am, bringing you some summer days inspiration if you are waiting for it like I am, here’s a little video to make the blues go away and brighten up your day.

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