The End of February

Hi everybody. Well, it looks like the month of February is coming to a close, being that today is the 28th. However, in the shortest month of the year, I did create a book and it’s published. Actually, I created two books for youngsters…back to back. So I do feel accomplished for the shortest month of the year.

I have no problem saying goodbye to the winter months for my favorite times of the year are coming up. I welcome the sunshine and heat and seeing greenery again. I noticed today that the tulips are coming up, which is a sure sign that spring is around the corner. Speaking of Spring, here’s a title for youngers that deals with this time of year. It’s an oldie but goodie…remember this one? spring where are you cover This is a book about a young girl who goes looking for spring after she hears everyone in her household repeat that it is right around the corner and they are preparing for it. Where is it? What does it look like? Which direction is it coming? These are just some of the questions that Gracie wants to find out. This is a short story that will make reading fun and imaginative and Gracie sure does have an imagination that will keep readers turning the page. Pick up your copy at Amazon.

Spring Where Are You? Buy it here.

OH my goodness, I think we might need a book to read for February as we say goodbye to it. Let’s see what we have… Oh yes, here’s one that will spark the imagination in young readers.  It's a Doggone Shame print book cover

It’s A Doggone Shame! Buy it here.

And while you are looking at titles on Amazon, or Barnes and Noble online.  Pick up the latest books published by Nona’s Sugarberry Pages Publications.

“Putting great books in youngster’s hands!” Winona Rasheed


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