Grumpy Thursday


Yes, I am feeling kind of grumpy today. It’s all because there is absolutely too much dumb stuff going on in this world! It makes you wanna holler and throw up both your hands.

There is so much out there that makes no sense and you can find it all by just looking on the internet or turning on your TV. All the things that we are given to sink our minds into are not uplifting, it is all degrading and just pure ignorance. What is going on? Why is it going on? I’m talking about the latest trend in perversion, coming out of Europe and made in China. Things like the plastic sex dolls to feed the sick minds of individuals. Master your desires with toys. What the crap????!!! And then they have this perverted crap out here for pedophilia to curb their appetite for messing with children.  It is just so sickening. Human beings are being destroyed from the inside out. Now that is just one of my Thursday gripes. I was so angry, I just turned my TV off, for enough is enough! They say if you don’t like what’s on a particular channel, turn the channel…stop watching it. But that mess still doesn’t go away, and it doesn’t keep it from still happening and taking place, it is still on the air for people to see and sink their minds into and then it goes viral, you start to see crappy stuff all over social media because folks like to share all the things associated with degradation, evilness, and ungodly acts.

Another thing that tops my lists of gripes for today is the bullying that is taking place in our schools, which is causing young students to take their lives. Yes, this happened this week and it is so painful, especially when you know the person who got caught up in all this madness, hurt and pain. You read about bullying taking place in other cities and towns, but this week…it touched a school near home and it touched my heart. Can you imagine it, a young life has gone way too soon over senseless acts of brutality?  She did not deserve this and it is so, so wrong! And yes, I found out about it on the internet and through social media. I tell you, this is a painful awakening for everyone who has a heart and a righteous spirit.

In this Thursday’s gripe session, I could discuss other things that are on my mind bothering me, but if I did that, it would make this blog post too long; after all, this is not the Washington Post or the New York Times. It’s just me venting and letting off some steam because of all these terrible things taking place here and everywhere. I’ll just be glad when compassion, humility and righteous comes back to humanity if that will ever happen because right now, as I see it…what is going on right now under our noses is worse then Sodom and Gomorrah and you know what…God is not pleased!

Well, now that I said what I said, it is time for me to go back to my happy place, the space that gives me peace of mind and control over my substance since I am the President of my world and what goes on in it…I am talking about NSP, Nona’s Sugarberry Books, that’s what I am in charge of. So, when and if you ever get tired of the dumb stuff taking place around you, it is time to settle down into a good book, escaping the realities of the world we live in, it’s almost like saying…”Calgon Take Me Away!” I should say, Amazon…Take Me Away!

me and my sugarberry books novels   And yes, the kids need an escape too.


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