The For Real Deal

Hey, how is everyone doing on this Martin Luther King Day?  Do you have the day off? I am not taking the day off because I don’t consider what I do on my computer as a daily grind, or working towards a paycheck at the end of the week. That doesn’t happen anyway. Let me just explain it like this… It’s entertainment for my mind. There you go, all in a nutshell! 🙂 In other words, you gotta love what you are doing.

Guess what the real deal is for today that I am going to talk about. Nope, it’s not about my writings, my books or anything like that. It’s something that irks me and rubs me the wrong way.

How many of you like online shopping? I sometimes go crazy with it, especially when you find some pretty good deals that you can’t pass up, or don’t want to pass up and you have the $$$ to splurge a little. Well, whenever I decide to do a little online shopping, I usually go to Amazon or eBay because you can find everything that you are looking for and your purchase doesn’t take forever to get to you. However, in December of 2017, I decided to go somewhere else, all because I saw an ad for the site, I think it was on Facebook, so I tried it out. Woe is me! I am still waiting for my purchases to arrive as of today. They will not get here until February so they say, say what??????? I am so used to getting my purchases within a few days, which makes me a happy shopper. I am not so happy right now. What I got myself into was an international online shopping platform. What I ordered is coming all the way from China… literally. Now for me, that is not good because I do not like waiting for something after I spent my money, not even for really good, can’t pass up deals. Now I am wondering what my order will be like when it arrives.

Yep, I sent an email message to the store about my concerns about the arrival of my purchases and they tell me to be patient, my orders are on their way. Let me say…I did not realize that it would actually take this long since it didn’t take them long to collect the monies and put my orders in to fill.

What I learned from this experience…Be careful where you shop online, especially if you like receiving your items within a few days. Read before you leap! Every deal is not a deal, not when it takes forever to arrive.

Should I mention the name of this shopping platform…I will give you a hint and let you figure it out.  “I wish I may, I wish I might.”

Now, that’s the real deal for today. That’s my shopping gripe, my first online shopping experience that has rubbed me the wrong way.






5 thoughts on “The For Real Deal

  1. Before I saw your hint I was thinking – I bet it was “Wish”. Via a friend’s enthusiastic recommendation, I ordered from them and my order took months to receive. Had I been informed of the shipping time when I ordered my items, I probably wouldn’t have ordered from them to begin with or at least I would’ve known how long it was going to take and I could’ve taken that into consideration when I placed my order. I think shipping time is something that a company should inform a customer; seems pretty basic to me. While the prices may look attractive, waiting months to receive something, not sure about that, especially when you aren’t aware it’s going to take that long. By the way, once I received my item, quality was not great and I never used it.


  2. Well, even though I ordered the items at the same time, they are arriving one at a time. Purse arrived and its bigger than what I like to carry. I will have to fill it up so it won’t look flat. It would be good for a diaper bag if I had an infant. I love the earth tone colors it would match anything. The boots have not arrived.


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