For Curious Minds

Here is a heads up for all you curious minds out there…since my websites are in working condition, I started back into doing what I love to do…writing. Yes, I have something on the back burner brewing, a little something, something for young readers. As a matter of fact, there are two more unfinished storylines on my computer that are telling me to get back to them. So, as soon as I finish this little something, something for kids who are getting reading to enter junior high school, I will jump into it. Oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t say this current writing project is for young readers because the characters that I am working with are in the 6th grade…so I will call them tweens. Have you seen 6th graders lately? They aren’t what you would call youngsters, even though they are in elementary school. What do you think?

boy-2888717_1280 (1)



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