First Post of 20018

Oh my, here we are into the 7th day of the new year. 20018 is rollin’. I hope everyone had a fabulous celebration over the holidays. Christmas was nice, our wedding anniversary (December 31st) was cozy and New Years came in with a blast! Boy, I am so glad we weren’t up in Times Square when the ball dropped. Did you see it? The temp was off the hook. Too cold for me! But what do you think of the wedding that took place outside? Mercy, her gown was just gorgeous, but the bride stood there with no coat, gloves or anything appropriate for the weather. I thought that was a little insane and strange, regardless of it being her wedding day. Everyone else was bundled up! I hope she doesn’t spend her honeymoon fighting the flu or pneumonia. Another shocker about that occasion, Steve Harvey performed the ceremony and pronounced them man and wife. Yep, at a loss for words on that one. Who would have Known!!?? Hey, just sayin’ because I’m not hatin’.

Guess what else has been going on since the new year has begun around here…I fiddle-faddled around and fixed Sugarberry’s website. You know the site where I promote my independent publishing activity, showcasing all my books. Yes, Sugarberry is alive and well. However, I did change one little word in the website address, Changing my sugarberry pages to Nona’s Sugarberry Pages. Now it is a little more personal and definitely me. I even have a logo for it…well, testing it out. So NSP is all me.

NSP Logo 3

Stop by and see us sometimes.  Click the link.

NSP is still Sugarberry and Me





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