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Hey now, from the Nation’s Capital and on this cold dreary looking Monday morning. Here I am, bringing an update to you from my home-office desk, because things just keep changing around here, causing me to do an update on posted information.

FYI: here is a heads up on my writing and publishing website. It’s under a new name, well, actually, I bought back an old name that you might be more familiar with. Gone is the Savvy Pages,  Sugarberry is back in operation. I shouldn’t have changed it in the first place,(boy, the things you do when you have the winter blahs). Anyway, to make a long story short…the change I made on that site has caused me to make changes in the information given within the pages of the Winona Rasheed website. I apologize for any confusion between the two sites. Changing my mind must be a “female thing” or it could be a “Virgo thing.” After all, we do aim for perfection in all that we do…getting it right!

Anyway, check out the websites. Like and leave a comment and know that I appreciate it.

Winona on WordPress

My Sugarberry Pages

Adding a little music to this blog to brighten your day.

Mr. Bojangles  


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