Topsy-Turvy No More!


I learned something very valuable the other day. I got a heads up, from my dear, sweet publisher friend and mentor who always has my back when she sees me doing some crazy weaving around as a writer/publisher. She always puts me on the right track. So, I thank you, Catherine Burr, of New Line Press and you too, Mz Roberta, from the bottom of my heart. You two are a Godsend.

I’ve been switching and bobbing around trying to get this new website together. I am sorry if I was confusing you readers with the different names that kept popping up into my head. I guess you can say I was trying them on for fit. Dippin’ here and plumping there, with crazy names such as Sugarplump, honeybeez and Savvy Pages; just trying to be unique with not only my website but my with the name of my publishing…

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