Woo Hoo! Back in the Saddle Again!

colorful cartoon horseHey, hey, hey everyone. Guess what…..I’m back and getting a head start into my creative writing spirit. Time is up, summer vacation is over and time is on my side! Which means…..More Time to Focus and Write!  I am gearing up and rearing to go! I am back in the saddle again; after all, here I am blogging, haven’t done that for a while. Yep, I know….shame on me! So slap me with a wet noodle if you must.

It feels quite good sitting behind my desk again with things to do that pertain to what I love to do. Yes indeed, I am doing me!

I tell you, ever since I received my iPhone for Mother’s Day, being on this computer just took a backseat because I got into the habit of doing everything on my phone. But one thing for sure, I haven’t mastered writing long content, or manuscript writing on my phone, not with the one finger typing that I do on it, even though I do leave short messages on Facebook and Twitter. I was getting quite relaxed in promoting myself and my books by way of my phone. But it is much faster using my desktop. I wonder how in the world people text so fast and using both of their hands to do it, fingers and thumbs flying across the little keyboard. When it comes to texting, I have wicky-wacky fingers I guess. But oh well, I love my phone and all the things I can do with it and what I am learning to do with it. Yep, I’ve been upgraded. I even do the Snapchat thing now. Say what? Hey, I am cool like that.

This morning, I even decided that I was going to get started back into my freelance writing and editing again, yes I used to do that and I enjoyed it a lot. So, today, I scoped out the internet finding possibilities. There are quite a few opportunities out there waiting to be snatched up and I jotted down about 6 websites to look further into.  So, that is what is on the agenda today, wish me luck in this adventure. I will keep you posted on how it goes. However, I do have a good positive feeling about it. Hey, like I said before…..I am doing me!

Well, enough of that because this blog is getting longer and longer, so guess what I am about to do…… Promote some of my books because I don’t want you to forget about them.   Check them out @Amazon.com





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