Impulse Shopping

iphone guy cute for website

Hey, guess who got a new cell phone upgrade for Mother’s Day last month. Oh yes, that would be me. And guess what, I like my Apple SE phone very much. I can do so much more on it than what I could on my old phone. I couldn’t even download games on it because there wasn’t enough space. So guess what….I just went crazy with the game apps from the iTune store. My daughter helped set it up for me, with my own little personalization. So now I am grinning from ear to ear with my new electronic device.

As you know, when you purchase a phone, it doesn’t come with a cover. Oh, the decisions I had to make in finding me something to protect my gift and make it look cute. My first phone cover came from the dollar store, a clear blue back cover that I was using temporarily until I could get the real deal because I was not satisfied.

But guess what, I am satisfied now because I hopped on over to my 1st favorite online store and found me a cute pink cover that looks like a wallet. Oh yeah, it arrived today and I placed my phone in it. It has the perfect size fit, and it has pockets for credit cards and a little bit of cash if you have. LOL So no, my new phone is protected in the front and in the back. This phone cover deal came with a stylus pen and a dust trinket thingy…a little pink glittery giraffe. Yep, it is a cute little trinket. But, guess what….I didn’t know what I was to do with the thing. So I Googled it and got my answer. I plugged it into the earphone slot, perfect fit, but the doggone thing dangles from the bottom of my phone…I don’t like that. It is supposed to dangle from the top, but my earphone outlet is on the bottom. Anyway, who would have thought that a cell phone with an earphone slot is supposed to covered to keep dust and such things entering your phone? I never heard of it before, or is it just another ploy to get people to purchase trinkets for their phones. I did a little research and found out that one person said that he couldn’t talk on his phone if his dust plug was inserted. Now, what good is that? Who wants to be taking that thing out every time the phone rings or when you want to make a call? That’s not a bright idea. So now my little dust do -Jiggy is sitting in my jewelry box. Perhaps I can use it on my iPad or my tablet. It is too cute to just throw away. Anyway, two more phone covers are coming so I can play switch-a-roo, you know give the phone a new look when I am in the mood. These covers are cute too…..and colorful….and so very affordable because I ordered them from Ebay, my 2nd favorite online shopping store. Front and back covers that will put a lively spark to my phone, one even has a Winnie the Pooh on the back of it…..Heck no I am not too old for Disney characters. It’s the youngster inside of me.  Anyway, that was a fun little shopping spree on Ebay, I couldn’t make up my mind, so I bought them both. I guess you can say that I will not be purchasing anymore cell phone covers for awhile now. But who knows, I tend to be an impulsive shopper at times. (Giggle giggle) Hey, it’s all for my electronic gadgets.ipone guy 2 cute









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