Writing Slump Dump

I think it was a couple of weeks ago, a new story idea started floating around in my head. So, last week I began to work on it, you know….fish it out and get the characters together. Well, right in mid-stream of it all, guess what happened….I lost it. The writing mood/spirit just vanished and I put the book idea down. I closed it and stuck it away in a folder with the title intact. It was something for preteens to read. Now I don’t know why that happened since I seem to have been on a roll with creativity; after all, within the last few months, I have created 3 new books and gave quite a few oldie but goodie titles new covers. I think I took a nose dive into the writing slump dump. That’s not good, so now I am trying to dig myself out.

I need my flow back!



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