Inspiration that Moved Me

About a week ago, I guess it was. I was sitting at my computer desk like I always do, reading messages, sending emails, visiting Facebook and Twitter and of course blogging when I wasn’t working. What am I talking about, “wasn’t working?” I am always working because inspiration flows freely and when it flows, it just consumes me, especially as an author.

The idea that inspired my last week came from my writer/ publisher mentor, Catherine Burr. As an author, I try to follow in her footsteps because she is such a trustworthy guide.

The thing that struck me and got me moving and stirring around over here was the subject of new book covers, creating them and then revealing them. Catherine Burr’s new book series covers inspired me to do something about a few of my children’s book covers, which needed updating, refreshed and livened up a bit because they were looking drab to me. They didn’t reach out and grab you anymore like they did when they were first created a few years ago. They needed some punch, a come buy me, read me kind of hook up. So, I busied myself by transforming 3 book covers on Createspace and on Kindle Direct; after all, the books do have two versions, the print, and the e-book singles. When you do one, you must make sure you do the other so that they will match and look like a pair. I didn’t have to do anything to the interior of the books, just the covers. You would think that wouldn’t take very long to do, especially since the books are already written and published, you are just giving them a little update; zip zap and you are done…..well not true. After creating the new covers and being satisfied with what you created, all books have to go through another review process and then you have to approve and sign off on them…….and then wait for them to go live again. This is the point where I am now with the new cover versions, the waiting period. Trust me when I say, I am very anxious for this to be completed. The review process and the approval sign-off are done; And since I am so impatient and excited at the same time, perhaps I should do a cover reveal…  I will. Catherine told me about Canva, and with this site, I created this show and tell poster. See how I am inspired!




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