Woe is Me Thursday

thinking woman 3Well, crap-a-dap and fiddlesticks!

Whatever possessed me to take on this hardcover book project? Whatever made me think I could do it and it would be a snap. I am running into all kinds of difficulties and it is making me upset because it is so mindboggling. All I was trying to do is create just a few new hardcovers for some existing books, preferably my novels. I had them all laid out on my desktop with files and everything for me to work on, this was yesterday.  By the time I ended my experiment last night, my desktop was covered in unusable files as I tried my best to work on one book cover, just trying to set the thing up. It was murder to my brain!

Regardless of what I love to do, creating hardcover books..well, that is turning out to be a different story. I am coming to a screeching halt on this one, at least for now because resizing, embedding, turning word documents into pdf files and then turning jpeg images into pdf files as well, switching back and forth from jpeg to pdf trying to get the sizing correct had my brain doing flip flops. When I think I have it all corrected and upload the file, I get a message stating that my image file is still set as an 11 by something. “No, it’s not!” I wanted to scream at them; but hey, when it comes to doing that, the only thing I would be doing is yelling at the computer and the invisible person inside it.

I was so proud of myself last night for what I did accomplish before giving up on it, I did create a new cover, even though it was all wrong. I thought it looked great and creative. Well, I showed my son and right away he said….”No, mom. It looks very unprofessional and weak. It looks downright amateur. Here, take a look. simone-ready Now that I look at it, I think he is right. (It’s in the trash bin.) But my son starting showing me Indesign, had me watching videos on creating your own hardcovers. Well, lo and behold, all those steps to remember and learn. He was going to upload the Indesign program to my computer for me to work with….can you imagine. If I had difficulty doing what I did earlier, Indesign will just make me even crazier. It ain’t happening! So, I guess I will just stick to what I’ve been doing with my books, creating soft covers and Ebooks. I have that down to a Tee.

Anyway, this Indie Author/publisher did not enjoy the hardcover experience. So I am done with it. I tried it and I found out….it’s not for me because it’s too technical. Oh, but when done the right way, hardcovers come out looking great when you know what you are doing.

Meantime, I will just keep on doing what I am doing.



3 thoughts on “Woe is Me Thursday

  1. Have you tried Canva.com? It’s free. It has predesigned covers for ebooks or you can upload your own images. You can use these for print by books too. Very professional looking covers. I used it for my last few covers. I use it for back covers too. Use for both ebook and print books.


  2. Yes I have. Registered with them too. I have made several covers that I didn’t use. I will be going back to them and staying with Pixabay too for my cover images. I was just doodling around with the word procedure. Now I have InDesign on my computer, opened it up last night and tinkered around with it, don’t like it! Too many steps to remember. Plus, I couldn’t even find where to insert my image. It will take me a few years to learn that thing.


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