Welcome to December 2016

Mercy me, I am tired today. I worked so hard, the lettering on the computer is looking blurry. Tomorrow I must remember to wear my glasses when I work, especially since I do not want to go blind. Now that would be pitiful and I sure would be lost.

I just checked and noticed that with the chapters that I worked on so far, this new book has over 17,000 words and that’s with just chapter 7. I still have 3 more to go to work on and there just might be a 12 chapter to consider, but that will depend on the characters.

This book has three big spotlights where the main character meets a lot of conflicts, confusions, and surprises, and discoveries, some good and some not so good.  Two of these spotlighted areas have been written and I am about to work on the third, which will be another kicker. Oh, my devious mind!  I didn’t know I had it in me. I guess you can say I have 2 sides….the two sides of Author Winona. How about that?

Here’s something that is a bit off topic, but I thought I’d share it with you….especially if you are a cat lover. We have cats and sometimes, they do get on my nerves. (I am just being honest.)  Anyway, the momma cat for some reason fights her daughter, just likes to beat up on her like she doesn’t like her. (That gets on my nerves.) Then  we have a bully cat that loves to terrorize his siblings, chases them all around, especially outside as if he is telling them to get out of his turf. (That gets on my nerves too.) And then we have this gray cat, cute as a button, but he is afraid of everything, especially when other people come in the house. He hates it. He will hide until they are gone. But you know what….they go for walks with my husband, down the alley and around the block. However, on these walks, momma cat does not like for the daughter to go with them. (Now what do you think of that one?)  She will chase her back into the yard. Now mind you, these aren’t kittens anymore. they are some big oomp-a-loomp-as. I don’t understand the rivalry.  But guess what happened today, the bully cat was playing with a sock full of catnip, you know they go crazy over that stuff. He managed to bust the thing open, catnip was all over the floor, and there set the big bully cat laying all in it and looking quite drunk or intoxicated. He couldn’t move. He just laid there looking up at us as if to say...I am buzzed out, leave me alone. He looked weird and funny at the same time. I wonder if the manufacturer is slipping some you -know- what into the catnip. Now y’all know that ain’t right, having cats scampering around high as a kite. But you know what….I wouldn’t put nothing pass nobody these days. What do you think? Poor kitty. They are outside now, I guess running it off.

Welcome to December!



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