Twas the Day Before Thanksgiving….

Oops, wrong holiday. Lol. I am sitting here trying to get my writing on, because in reality, I dont have time for that today. I’ve been working on my new book nonstop for a few days, getting up early and going to bed late because I was working. I’ve even had interruptions along the way. But I managed to get back into it without losing focus. All I can say is…so far so good. After all, I am working on chapter 6, getting ready to layout ch3apter 7.of this new novel. Actually, this book that I am working on is book 2 of the series, The Ladies of Magnolia. You must remember book 1, “Troubled Waters.” A lot of readers loved it.I know because the ratings jumped sky high and I received a lot of pleasing comments. Readers can’t wait for book 2 so that they can continue following the story and characters. I was so impressed,.you made this author very happy, so I hope you know that I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Authors with  their readers make such a good pair. You are the icing on the cake.

I keep talking about this new book that doesn’t have a title yet, but guess what, I was thinking just this morning that I might reveal it when I finish chapter 7. Yep, I know what it is because it is sticking to me like glue. I better use it….what do you think?

Twas the day before Thanksgiving and here I sit….blogging instead doing the Thanksgiving preparation of cooking, after all, getting ready for a big dinner with family and friends is no little thing and no pop it in the microwave kind of deal. But you know what…..I rather be writing and concentrating on this book. Lol, the characters want me to wrap it up. Well, what did you want me to say?  All in all, I  hope  I manage to work on  chapter 7, at least lay it out.I am so anxious to get started. But patience is the key word for today.I must keep my priority in order, or else come Thanksgiving Day, I will be serving sandwhiches. Now you know that can’t happen. Can you believe I just sat here in my kitchen and typed with one finger this entire blog? But hey, it’s  what I do when I am on the Galaxy tablet.I didn’t want to tempt myself by turning on my desktop.That could easily spoil Thanksgiving dinner. But guess what..I managed to write something today. My spirit is satisfied. Now I can get dressed and start my day.

What are you reading today?



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