I’m still Kicking

Mercy me, November sure has been a busy month. Seems like I’ve been up to everything except writing. We even had to make an emergency run to Ohio to attend a funeral, such a very sad occasion, but it all turned out good because of time spent with family, people I haven’t seen for years. As a matter fact, some relatives were teenagers when I last saw them, but as it turned out…..they are all grown with families of their own….that was just amazing, a very amazing weekend. Now I can’t wait for the family reunion, which is to be held at a resort in 2017.

Now I am back home, doing my little wifey thing. cleaning up the mess we made before we left. So I am not settling down into my writing just yet, except for blogging. Oh, and next week being Thanksgiving, have to prepare for that too, so I guess my writing is on hold again. Like I said….a lot going on. But the story that I am working on is sitting on the desk patiently, waiting for me to get back into it. Pretty soon, I have a feeling that the characters are going to start complaining and protesting because I have been neglecting them. “Hold on my little darlings, momma will tend to you soon. I got you on my agenda.”

Meanwhile, since I am sitting here thinking, today is a good day to do a little book promoting. The weather/temperature is just right for reading a good book or two. What do you think? Are you in a mood to escape into the pages of a book? Take you pick, Chose a title and then hurry on over to Amazon to pick it up.



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