From Cover to Cover….

Check these titles out when you are searching for books.


I got you!  Okay, here I am again. I started writing something else earlier today using my tablet, and lo and behold even though I didn’t finish the draft….I can’t find it. Now, what happened to it? Beats the heck out of me, so now I am starting over with a new one because guess you what? (a little bit of Jamaican talk) a new post title popped up in my head out of nowhere…..From Cover to Cover, I got you!

I got you when it comes to finding the perfect books for children, young adults, preteens and older (adults, people over 20) I guess you can say my young adult and adult titles are rated G, with a Christian like flavor to them because they are not R rated or considered to be erotic. So if you are looking for those types of books, you will not…

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