Here’s What’s Happening


I’m working on my new book. The sequel to “The Women of Magnolia.” Book 1 is TROUBLED WATERS, but I am not sure about what the title will be for book 2. At the moment, I am playing around with it. Perhaps as I move along with the story, the title will hit me like a ton of bricks. So, I’m waiting for that to happen. Meantime, I have 18 pages written and typed up. Yep, I can say this has been a good day for writing, especially since I actually started doing the thing yesterday. Bouncing back on the good foot as I get into my writing mode. Which means,do-not-disturb when you see me at my desk and I have the “Word” document open.

Oh and guess what, I am working on a new computer too and I love it! Got it for my birthday with a super wide screen monitor. And the way things are set up on it, including using my handy  Atlantis writing app. I can see everything at a glance, 3 pages at a time. Now I like that! No more scrolling up and down to find pages, or where I left off last. This will come in handy when I begin doing the editing of this book, especially since I am working on the first draft now. So as you probably know….this project is far from being done. It’s not even close to the end. Heck, it’s not even in the middle. e759fab1-8e16-4600-bd38-16f3a0da5bfd I am taking my time and just letting it fall into place as I go. But, one thing for sure….I am excited about book two of this series, just as much so as I was excited about book 1. I hope it will be a big hit!

Loving what I do!writing



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