Triple Play

Taking a few minutes out of my day to bring you a triple play in my books for children.

When I say triple play, I am referring to my OMG titles, the books which will keep youngsters reading for days. All because each OMG title is a book of short stories. In other words, stories galore to lift the spirits of readers and spark the imagination. Fun reads all week long. Hey, since school is back in, some youngsters may have book reports to do…..think about that one. A story at your fingertips. So many to choose from when you have these books on your shelf, or in your ebook library. All you have to do is choose a story, turn the pages and read. Hey, it’s just that simple. I promise you that you will not get bored.

So, turn the pages of these books and pick a title that strkes your fancy.

Don’t have them yet? Pick up your copies at Amazon. Com. You will be glad you did!



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