August Recap

Books and Vacation talk. Just me chatting, blogging and promoting. Doing my thing!


My goodness, here we are winding up the end of August. Time sure is flying by fast. And guess what, I just came back from vacation. Yep, I was gone again for about a week. Had fun too. Where did I go?……OHIO.  All I can say is, “There’s No Place Like Home!” Came home with what knots for my shelves, because I like trinkets and I bag full of new shoes….Oh the things that I like are the small things. They make my heart sing. I always like bringing Troy back with me to DC. After all, I’m just a country girl at heart still. It’s in my blood and apparently, after all these years, that’s not going to change.

So as you can see, August was a very good month for me. Home with family and friends, and the release of my new book. I am soaring in the…

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