Paperback Book Sale

Get ready for this big one!


 We are coming fast to the weekend, so I’m winding this week down with yet another book sale.

A paperback book sale is coming your way soon. That’s right, I lowered the prices of a few of my titles just moments ago….Just me trying to get you, the readers to purchase copies if you haven’t already done so. All because I love paperback books and I hope you do too. And because I’m trying to stay up in the Amazon rankings. I did pretty well with the free ebooks, now let’s see how we do with the price cut in paperbacks. Hey, I just don’t want you to forget about this author as I leave my imprint on this fabulous writing/publishing expedition.

Coming to you soon are these paperback versions with a price cut….you will walk away from Amazon with more money in your pocket and a good book in…

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