“17,”the Magic Number

The Kindle Count


Well, lookie here, lookie here! I just counted them all, and guess what…I have 17 published Kindle Books and there’s about to be 18, as soon as I get started on it. So, if you have ever wondered how many books this author has under her belt, wonder no more! You now have the answer. This also means, if there are 17 Kindle books, there are also 17 paperbacks available too, which are the ones that I prefer, because I like to feel the book in my hands and I enjoy turning the pages with my fingers; even though today, you can turn the pages with your fingers on a Kindle. And not only that, you can take your book collection with you wherever you go, never running out of things to read…not unless you break your device, God forbid!

Here, let’s take a look at my Kindle collection. I’m…

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