Thursday Chit Chat with Winona

As I sit here at my desk, I am realizing just how fast this week has flown by; oh well, at least I got something accomplished this week and I have just acquired a new project to work on. This one has a due date too….of the early part of next week. Will I have it done…of course. You bet your bottom dollar that it will be done. So the heck with everything else that might pop up on my agenda.

Since I’ve published, “Troubled Waters,” the Book one edition, I’ve been playing around with Book two in my mind, getting the sticky situation stored in my head before I start on the handwriting of the first draft. That’s how I always begin my authoring projects. I have to get things arranged in my mind, seeing the mental version first; seeing who is who and what is what. That’s how Troubled Waters, Broken Voices and When Silence is Not Golden started out. They were a vision in my head. All I can say is…Thank God for creative minds.

My Novels….I’m so proud of them! But most of all, I hope you enjoy them because I am always aiming to please my readers, young & old all over the globe. Why? Because I love what I do!

Broken Voice print book on amazon Yeah!  When Silence is Not Golden Createspace BookCoverImage  Troubled Waters print version released on Amazon

Now don’t they look good side by side?

Get your copy today. Just click on the link and it will take you there.

Broken Voices

When Silence Is not Golden

Troubled Waters



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