Rattled Nerves

Mercy me, I am at a loss for words here. In shock and I am stunned. Earlier this week someone posted information online about someone supposedly passing away. Come to find out it was just a hoax. And now, today the word is that this icon has passed away, made that transition, that journey to Rock N Roll Heaven. Earlier today, I was feeling up, that’s why I was doing all that blogging about my books. Then all of a sudden, this   news put a damper on things. What happened? I hope it wasn’t foul play.

Do you have a favorite Prince Song? My favorites are Purple Rain and How ComeYou Don’t Call Me….anymore. Of course, there are more. These tunes are what just popped into my head as the news sinks in. This reminds me of when Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Natalie Cole passed.It’s hard to accept and believe. Waiting for someone to say it is just a nasty hoax. Boy oh boy! RIP Prince. Your timeless music will live on. I am about to go play some music now….my own little tribute to an icon whom so many people loved.



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