Cruising with the Books

More book promoting. I love what I do!

Winona Rasheed

pixabay frong on bus

Hey, the Razzmatazz Cruising Book Van is rolling in for April. And this cool frog wants to get you in the mood to turn the pages of 3 of his favorite children books,this time; we are promoting short stories. Short stories live on forever! However, the books have a big punch to them and the big punch is….there’s more to read and enjoy. Inside these 3 individual books are 3-5 short stories included in each of them; making you have a zippidy-d0-dah kind of wonderful day.  Razzman the frog is just passing the word along about the OMG! Book Collection for young readers. You can read for days and not get bored or weary. Great for bedtime stories or when the rainy day blues kick in.

We at Razzmatazz love to inspire and put a smile on children faces and great books in their hands. So what are you waiting…

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