Wild Goose Chase

cropped-id-100269265-silouette-of-girl-working-at-desk.jpg So here I sit at my desk. I manage to hand write five chapters of my new book that I am working on. Well, today I decided to start transferring it to the Word Processor. However, I am only working on transferring one chapter at a time because that’s a lot of typing to do all at once. The first chapter has 19 pages or is it twenty?

With this first chapter (draft) I decided to edit as I move along, you know…trying to save some time. So what do I do? Let me tell you the process I took. First of all, I was on a wild goose chase this morning as I went about searching for editing tools for writers. After all, we do need them. Mercy me, there are so many out there. It is really hard to make a decision because after all….you want the best;  at least, you should when you want your work to become as professional as possible. I started off looking for free apps that will work with Microsoft Word. I found them after wearing out my eyes, reading, and researching. So, I downloaded four which I think will work well for me. Why 4? I guess I wanted a backup just in case something goes wrong with any of them. Besides, the more the merrier. Or is it that I think it will make me more of a professional writer? (I am always trying to improve myself.) As it turns out, the three that I downloaded to my computer is a try now version and buy later, giving you at least 14 days to experiment.

This is what I have. Style Writer, Ginger Software, 1Checker, and Grammarly. Grammarly is working as I type this, which is great. It just seems to be automatically there, showing my errors as I type. However, the others only work when I am working on my manuscript. I started off editing the first chapter like I said early using the Ginger Software editor. It was working great until……..I reached the limit of editing notations for the week. Mind you, it was not that many. But it seems that I have to wait until next week to continue editing that chapter using Ginger…what the heck?

After downloading the free, or what I thought was a free version of Style Writer, I went to use the app on the manuscript and lo and behold, a message popped up telling me that I now must purchase the program because my trial version is expired. Say what? I don’t remember ever using the trial version before. But maybe I did and just forgot about it. It must have been during a time that I was on a different computer. I am on a laptop now. I know I’ve never used it on this. But that’s not to say, that the Style Writer is not great- if it is….I just don’t remember anything about it, or how it works. I will have to purchase it to find out.

I haven’t tried the 1 checker yet, will give it a try this afternoon and see how it works since it is downloaded to the computer. Stay tuned for that update.

As a writer, I really need something to work with my Word Processor as an Ad-In. I’ve also looked into “After the Deadlne” which seems ideal and perfect, but guess what…it doesn’t work with Microsoft Word! 😦

Other ones that I looked into this morning are the Hemmingway App, which edits for style. Pro Writing Aid, Autocrit, Editminion, and the Pro Writing Aid. For these, you copy and paste your words into a little box on their online website and your manuscript will get evaluated so you can make changes and correct errors right on the spot. However, you make the corrections on the spot, but they don’t transfer over to your manuscript as you make the corrections, which seems like a waste of time. Do you copy and paste it back into your manuscript? Hummmm? Beats the heck out of me, that’s why I feel like I was on a wild goose chase today as I go about trying to improve myself as a writer/author.

One thing for sure, come next week, I have to buy me some kind of editing software. Meantime, I guess I hop on back over to my manuscript and let Grammarly do it’s thing and try out 1 Checker. Yep, my work is cut out for me.

Anyone have any suggestions?





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