Too Much Snow





snowy window pixabay

Well, we made it to Sunday and all is well and good with the aftermath of the Blizzard of 2016. However, there is a lot of snow to dig out from, mounds and mounds of it.

For a couple of days we were snowed in, couldn’t get out and didn’t want to go out. So glad we got the emergency shopping done way ahead of time, after all…we were warned. So, we were well prepared, even for when and if the power went out.

My goodness, digging out cars makes it look a horrible mess on the street with all the parked cars. I am thinking that when this stuff melts and the roads are clear, it will be a lake out front of our house. I think we will have snow melting clear up until spring.

So, what did I do when all this snow came? I pulled out my manuscript, did some editing and rewrites. A good time to be creative. I am so glad I did that because as of today, my hard work and labor is now in the hands of the reviewers. Getting the thing ready for publishing…oh yeah! That’s some good news to smile upon. The blizzard did not hinder my work flow….the work flow at my desk that is. However, everything else went to pots as I sat around in my jammies during the white out. But it is all good. I will be functioning once again come Monday; after all, this is the weekend….time to enjoy yourself. Who would think that editing a manuscript is relaxing and enjoyable, nobody but me! But guess what….it is so worth it because I love what I do!


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