A Little Reveal

Well, that’s my intention with this blog chat today, give you a little reveal of what I am working on so diligently. I am going to give you the title. Here it goes….It Happened in Somerset”, now I said it. The cat is out of the bag! However, that’s just a figure of speech because there is no cat meowing around in this soon-t0-be book for middle grade readers.  And yes, it’s a chapter book. So far and the pages are still counting, there are 46 pages as of today and 6,211 words as the story line moves along….coming to the punch and the wowzie zowzie of the final stage. I will tell you this too, the middle grade readers will love the characters, especially the main characters who happen to be twins, a brother and sister act going on in this mystery chapter book. One thing for sure….it’s so hard to keep a secret when you are excited and thrilled beyond words.

Now doesn’t this sound like a good book to add to your child’s bookshelf when it is released?  Just saying….I love what I do, how about you?



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