Urgent, it’s really not life threatening, but it is important enough for me to post. I just thought of something….an urgent request I guest you can say. One of these days I am going to stop thinking of things that need to be done. I’d do it myself, but I can’t because it’s not ethical and… it wouldn’t be right! See, I’m an honest person. You see, I was in the middle of doing something and when I thought of it, I stopped and ran to my desk and put the thing I was doing on hold. That’s how important this thing is. And that’s how valuable it is to me too.

If someone, anyone has purchased any of the 15 books that are published under my name….please, please, please (sounding like James Brown); leave a review of the book for others to see and recommend. It’s that easy, so this is a simple but urgent request from the author who loves what she does.

Love a book, Leave a review 1 for omg books 2 Broken Voice print book on amazon Yeah!  When Silence is Not Golden Createspace BookCoverImage  Kumani print cover for amazon  Nyrobi_Cover_for_Kindle Magic of Soda Pop Amazon paperback  Happy Home Amazon Book  Itchy Scratchy Spots 2   The Race is on Print cover for Amazon

frankly speaking kindle Little girls in frame  Where_is_Kirby_Cover_for_KindleHelp an Author, leave a Review


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