Just Saying……

Now let me think, I need to come up with a good title for this Wednesday blog chat. What will it be, what will it be? Maybe I should write something first and come back to it. Yes, I think that’s what I will do. Hey I got it!

Guess what I’ve been doing for the last few days, I will give you a hint.

Filling up the blank pages, writer Filling up the blank pages and letting my creativity flow, staying busy with my words. (Now I bet you know what I am talking about.) Hey, working on Chapter 4 of this new middle grader fiction piece. First draft in the makings. It even has a title, but I am not going to reveal it just yet. The back flap “blurb” is written out too on my handy little notebook pad; just waiting for me to add it to the back of the book when I get to that stage. So you see, it’s all coming together as I take my dear ole sweet time. No rushing to get done or deadlines to meet. I hate working under pressure. It makes me crazy. However, I do it when I have to, or need too; especially when I am freelancing and on someone else’s time.  But, that’s another story in itself.

I am still waiting to find out how the new book cover is turning out for “Wohali and the Little People”. It will be sent to me when it’s finish for my approval. I can’t wait to see and show it off while promote it….just saying. I love being a published author/writer!

So with that……I want to thank everyone who purchases my books for their children. I love what I do and I hope you do too.

Thank y ou for buying my books







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