Small Talk

chit chat 1

Here I am up early this morning with my cup of coffee and my thinking cap on. I am at it again, going between the kitchen table and my computer desk as I work on this new book idea. Yes indeed, I am starting 2016 on the good foot, working on my handy little writing tablet. I have a title, the characters in place and the situation is unfolding right before my eyes as I lay it all out on paper…..first, notes scrawled everywhere. This little charmer is something for middle grade readers and at this point, I believe a book with a lot of pages. However, nothing too long where it will bore the reader. No, they will not get bored with these preteen twins, a brother sister duo who go looking for excitement in a small town. So parents of middle grade readers, get ready for it because this book is in the makings. The words are hitting the paper! As a matter of fact, I am getting ready to work on Chapter 3.

Now that’s all that I am going to say because I don’t want to give too much away and spoil the essence of the book or the story line; because sometimes, I get so excited in what I am doing, I get to talking way too much. I am not about to let that happen before I finish the book. Sugarberry is on top of this and I am behind the wheel. Okay, let me put on the breaks and get out of here, because I have things to do…work is calling me and I love it! I love being creative and imaginative on a cold winter’s day.



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