Medical-Woe is Me

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Well this is a little bit off the topic as I add something else to this website blog. I believe this is an important topic to talk about and share because someone else might be fighting medical issues like myself…..struggling to get control of the blood pressure and bring it back down to normal and making it stay there. After all, I am not ready to clock out of here.

Yesterday, I was sitting in the doctor’s office getting my blood pressure checked. It has been two weeks since my doctor changed my medication, adding two different ingredients into one pill. I was thinking while taking the one pill a day that I am good to go. It’s getting back under control. However, not so because it turned out that the pressure was still high. My doctor had me going through so many changes in that office as they worked to bring the pressure down; wanting the top number to be at least 150. It would not go there. Boy oh boy, what a stressful situation! “Relax! Relax!” the doctor kept saying. Pretend you are on a secluded island with no worries or frets. Don’t think about anything!” She even turned off the lights, closed the door and let me sit in that dark room for what seemed like hours, trying to let my pressure come down. I was doing my best not to think and worry. Before it was all over and the doctor came back into the room, my head was hurting slightly. I was wishing that I was somewhere else…..writing, creating and producing instead of worrying about what is going on with me, and why my pressure was acting up and being stubborn as a mule. She checked it again and it was now, 169/66. Still high! At least not 200 like it was weeks before when she changed my medication in a hurry.

Needless to say, when I left the doctor’s office I had new orders to follow and a packet of information to digest. My diet has to change, the way I prepare my foods have to change, how I shop for food has to change including eliminating caffeine from my diet. And woe is me…cut down on my smoking.  Cigarettes and coffee are my downfall. And I need to get out there and exercise….walking. So today, I am on a new menu and I am adjusting how I live because after all, I do want to live.

This morning I had decaffeinated coffee. (I also need to cut back on my coffee drinking) I don’t think I can do 1 cup a day because I am a hard coffee drinker…all day long, which turns out to be a bad habit. But I am trying with this addiction. I even slowed the smoking down this morning….good for me….that’s all I can say for that. But guess what….I do not have a slight headache, it’s gone. (Of course I do a lot of praying too.) Anyway, it was my intention to start doing that daily walk today with my hubby, but as it turns out…it’s raining. It’s a cold rain too, which means we will try again tomorrow. I like those leisure walks when the sun is shining. So instead, I will do the grocery shopping today…picking up more fresh fruits and veggies. Bypassing the soda and snack aisle too. Yep, gotta get rid of the junkie unhealthy stuff. Why do we crave these things? I wonder, do people actually eat baked,  or boiled hamburger patties?  Or just one piece of bacon? (By the way…I don’t do the pork thing.) So, that’s a plus in the right direction. Another plus in my favor, I am not an overweight person. I was once upon a time trying to gain weight…but now, I think I will just leave that alone so it won’t become another headache and frustration.

Mercy, this is a long blog topic. But I hope you stay tuned in to my progress with this thing. I assume, my next doctor’s visit, she will be talking about the cholesterol thing. One fix at a time I guess you can say…..too much will just stress me out, and we already know that stress causes high blood pressure too….just saying. My daughter told me that I might have what they call “the white coat syndrome”. As soon as I walk into a doctor’s office or hospital…my pressure rises. She should know because she is a nurse (actually, she helps deliver babies) and deals with people just like me who have blood pressure issues.

Okay, I am done! Enough is enough and to think I didn’t even promote my books, or myself as an author.





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