FYI 2016


fannie Nannie 3 pixabay

If you haven’t visited my website in a few days, you will notice that I have been making some changes around here since we have entered into a new year. I’ve put a new face on the Sugarberry website, including adding on some new and updated pages, which provides more concrete information. I am not done yet, but for now, this website is usable and ready to go. I will be updating until I have everything the way I want it for 2016. All I can say is..taking one day at a time. Doing a little bit each day. But, the main changes as of today are complete. After all, I love what I do. And I enjoy having something to work on, even while in my jammies. That’s right, I didn’t even get dressed today….I just jumped right into what needed to be done, because  that’s how I do….sometimes…

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