Pros and Cons, You Decide

The day after Christmas and I sit here thinking, wondering and asking myself questions about how children and parents prefer to read their books. After all, people are still reading because they love great books. But, as an author of books for children and teens; I had to ask myself which do they prefer, traditional print or electronic versions? I aim to please; therefore, I do both, making my books available in both formats. However, I must say that I love the sales of my print books, perhaps because I am a little old fashion and somewhat old school I guess you can say. After all, there’s nothing like flipping through the pages of your favorite books and seeing them sitting on a bookshelf ready to be picked up again.
When I first started writing and thinking about having a title published and going through the entire process once accepted; it was truly an eye opener, a blessing seeing and feeling the actual book in my hand-“the proof”, proving that I have become a published author. For me, this is what it is all about for a serious writer like me; that is why I prefer the traditional print book. I want my readers to feel how I feel when I see and read the book. Besides, I love looking at my pile of physical books that I have created and stacked up.
However, researchers have shown the pros and cons of this book industry that I am into; after all, I am an independent publisher and there seems to be a lot of us around, trending in the 21st century; leaving our mark on the literary world. But, what do readers prefer? What’s best for them because our aim is to please our targeted readers?
After doing a morning research of the pros and cons I discovered a few helpful links that takes a look at both sides of the coin when it comes to purchasing books for children and teens. Perhaps they will help you, the parent decide what’s the best way for your child to read when you choose books. Just click on a link.
Resources Shedding the Light

Print Books                         Ebooks

Broken Voice print book on amazon Yeah!          Broken Voices Ebook Amazon.


The Race is on Print cover for Amazon    Race is on Kindle Amazon

Kumani print cover for amazon      Kumani ebook on Amazon


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