Hold it in Your Hand

Hold it in your hands, feel the pages between your fingers…..let your youngsters enjoy this book. OMG! I am so happy to announce the release of my new book. It went live today…Christmas Day and it is available through Amazon on line right now. Coming soon is the ebook version. I didn’t think this would happen until sometime next week.

What a glorious gift for this humble/thankful author. I’m excited. And I am excited for the youngsters who get a chance to read this little book. I think they are going to love it. They will not want to put it down until they come to the last page.


So, right now…I am ending Christmas Day on the good foot, doing a happy dance up in here. What do you think? Isn’t Kirby cute? Now come on and meet the other characters- Caleb, Kirby’s 8 year old owner, he will also sweep you off your feet. And then there’s Wanda. The three together make this story what it is…..a great read, a timeless keepsake, a book that makes reading fun and enjoyable.

Lets Rock Readinghappy-dance 3  Featured Image -- 1581a brand new book.


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