From My House to Yours

blog post happy holidays

Well here it is, it’s upon us and I bet everyone is excited, even if you don’t have snow. Waiting for the count down. I bet the kiddies go to bed early tonight without a fuss.

It doesn’t quite feel like the Christmas season here, mainly because there is no snow or cold weather. The wind isn’t even blowing. But I am not complaining because I am loving the 70 temp and the sunshine. It’s like being in Florida or California; ready to open gifts at the beach or something. Well regardless of the weather, nothing can spoil the spirit of this season. So Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy the day and God Bless one and all.

I am bringing the new year in with a new book by the way. So get ready for it. Put some change aside to order your print copy when it is released. However, don’t forget my oldies but goodies. You remember the titles don’t you? Of course you do, where’s my head?

ID-100269265 silouette of girl working at desk

Winona’s Books @ Amazon


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