I’m Back In The Saddle

0acf4c4d3dd448515878f379b1bdba2aYep, I did it…got that story written..well at least the first draft anyway, which is a good start. Now I know where I am going with it. The second draft will be a lot of rewriting and adjusting, but I am ready for it because the hard part is now over. You know what, I stayed up until 4 in the morning the other night, getting things sorted out in my head with the plot and the characters before I even started writing. That was my beginning. Then over a few cups of coffee after I did wake from sleep-I started writing. It took all day. My fingers hurt, but I couldn’t put that pen down until the entire thing was put on paper so I could see it. My new book for 7-10 year-old is in progress.  Either this book will be bring 2015 to its close, or it will be the start of something big and contagious for 2016. I am going for 2016, the new year. Starting it out with a book bang! Yep, that’s what it will be….my new year book. Hopefully, it will keep me motivated throughout 2016. No more slumps and no more writer’s block. I hate when that happens. Lets keep the motivation and inspiration flowing. No more bumps and hiccups. To me, that’s boring. I love feeling accomplished. So cheers to 2016, and the end of 2015 because I am doing something creative. This author is back in the saddle. Let’s ride, horsey, ride! Are you ready for me?

Oldies But Goodies of 2015 ( Just a reminder)

Broken Voice print book on amazon Yeah! When Silence is Not Golden Createspace BookCoverImage OMG Books in frames Kumani print cover for amazon Nyrobi_Cover_for_Kindle Magic of Soda Pop Amazon paperback Little girls in frame Happy Home Amazon Book Frankly Speaking B&N Good stuffI was busy in 2015.



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