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I’m Back In The Saddle

0acf4c4d3dd448515878f379b1bdba2aYep, I did it…got that story written..well at least the first draft anyway, which is a good start. Now I know where I am going with it. The second draft will be a lot of rewriting and adjusting, but I am ready for it because the hard part is now over. You know what, I stayed up until 4 in the morning the other night, getting things sorted out in my head with the plot and the characters before I even started writing. That was my beginning. Then over a few cups of coffee after I did wake from sleep-I started writing. It took all day. My fingers hurt, but I couldn’t put that pen down until the entire thing was put on paper so I could see it. My new book for 7-10 year-old is in progress.  Either this book will be bring 2015 to its close, or it will be the start of something big and contagious for 2016. I am going for 2016, the new year. Starting it out with a book bang! Yep, that’s what it will be….my new year book. Hopefully, it will keep me motivated throughout 2016. No more slumps and no more writer’s block. I hate when that happens. Lets keep the motivation and inspiration flowing. No more bumps and hiccups. To me, that’s boring. I love feeling accomplished. So cheers to 2016, and the end of 2015 because I am doing something creative. This author is back in the saddle. Let’s ride, horsey, ride! Are you ready for me?

Oldies But Goodies of 2015 ( Just a reminder)

Broken Voice print book on amazon Yeah! When Silence is Not Golden Createspace BookCoverImage OMG Books in frames Kumani print cover for amazon Nyrobi_Cover_for_Kindle Magic of Soda Pop Amazon paperback Little girls in frame Happy Home Amazon Book Frankly Speaking B&N Good stuffI was busy in 2015.




Winona or Mz Nona is an inspiring writer living in Washington DC with her hubby of many years. She enjoys writing so much that she is even a freelance article writer. When she is not busy creating articles, she is busy creating books for the young. Mz Nona has 6 published books out already and a 7th one is in the makings, for she just signed a contract with a publisher. Mz Nona loves to inspire others to write and she does so with her freelance writing and editing business, Dream Writers' Essentials. She not only creates her own manuscripts, she help others fine tune theirs for submission. She is great at giving writing tips and resources. Winona is a bundle of information, for she loves to blog and she is a super fan or Facebook and Twitter.

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