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My art, love thisAs I take a look back, I can see my accomplishments. Yep, it was a struggle, but I enjoy the path that I am on as a writer/author. My accomplishments show that I am a doer. Are you a doer? I like to finish what I start. But lately, and I say shame on me for this…I haven’t started doing anything. I must have writers block. Oh well, this happens. So I wait for it to pass. Will something hit me or inspire me before the year ends? Or will I start the new year out with a new story idea blast, overflowing with inspiration, braking pencils as I write? I can only hope so, because this is depressing. This is not normal…for me….Author Winona Rasheed.

Meantime, while my mind seems to be on vacation somewhere. Why not stop by and visit me and my books on Amazon; especially, if you are looking for great books this holiday season for children and teens. Books at a great price: novels, short stories and more. I recommend them all. Yep, I am promoting myself on this blog. Hey, that’s what I do.

Enjoy a good read this weekend.


3 thoughts on “Accomplishments

  1. Even prolific authors such as yourself gets writer’s block. It’s a strange thing isn’t it? I have to confess I’ve had the same thing, but I think mine stemmed from working with an editor who I didn’t see eye to eye with and wanted to change how I wrote. It’s stumped me for awhile. But I’m going to take her suggestions and see it it unblocks me. Who knows.


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