Supporting the Young & Talented

  It is absolutely fine to have dreams, but what is even better is when dreams become a reality, and when hard work & dedication pays off. Never give up on your dreams…….keep striving until you get there.
Take for instance, this talented young lady who I know very well, my granddaughter; Jenny, aka Only Janess. I listen to her music and just smile. She is really outstanding and her musical style is unique and smooth. I bought her album today and couldn’t stop listening to it. Her hardwork and dedication to her art is paying off; getting gigs all over the city as she lets her little light shine.  She sings and plays the guitar from the heart and from her soul. She is my AMERICAN Idol, on her way to stardom. The girl has my vote.💁🏾 even if she wasn’t my granddaughter.

So here she is on YouTube. (I hope I do this right) take a look and see for yourself.Only Janess

Just click on the link and enjoy. Her music is available at the Apple iTunes Store and through Amazon.

I picked up my album today, now it is your turn to support the young, gifted and talented……Only Janess.


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