Talez with Tails print cover for amazonInside this book you will find 5 delightful short stories. Stories that will awaken curiosity, imagination and stir up the love of reading in young children. When you turn the pages, you will meet and greet adorable animal characters that have a very unique way of telling their stories and meeting their problems. Come on, turn the pages and meet Thomas Turkey, Slowpoke and Speedy, Dutchy the Duchshund, Buster Brown Bear and plenty more characters that will make you happy that you found this book of whimsical tales.

One of my favorite stories that was interesting to create is inside this book and it is so befitting for the Thanksgiving season; the perfect Thanksgiving animal tale to read after that big Thanksgiving dinner of turkey and stuffing. The title, “ESCAPE FROM SHADY GROVE FARM” is story #4 in this book. With a title like that, can you imagine what this…

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